Treatment Programs

Set Apart Treatment offers a wide range of treatment programs. Each program is structured and designed to fit each clients needs and requirements. Individuals enrolling in treatment are provided the highest forms of attentiveness starting at intake and are properly assessed for the most successful fit in treatment. Programs and the duration of time in which individuals will attend and complete are as follows: 
Walk-ins and scheduled individuals are anticipated to spend up to 2 hours filling out intake paperwork and completing an intake interview with Set Apart Treatment's counselor. 
DWAI/DUI Classes-
Individuals sentenced to or participating in pretrial services or DMV required DWAI/DUI classes will be placed in Level II Education classes (12 weeks) first. Once completing Level II Education individuals will move into Track A, B, C, or D sessions depending on circumstances in which individuals will be assessed at intake. Track A (21 sessions), Track B (26 sessions), Track C (34 sessions) and Track D (43 sessions). All individuals will be given a DRS indicating hours and weeks completed. 
Anger Management-
Individuals attending anger management will attend the program for 12-24 weeks. Once the counselor has completed their assessment of individuals progression or regression and staffs with probation or referring party the individual will be informed if further treatment is necessary or individual completed successfully. Individuals will be give a certificate of completion at the end of the program.  
Moral Reconation Therapy- 
This is a 12 step program that requires individuals to complete each step week after week. If individual fails any of the 12 steps during the program individuals are required to return to the beginning of the course and begin again. This program can take longer than 12weeks depending on the individual and struggles with decision making skills. The program focuses on criminal thinking & attitudes, criminal behaviors and adjusting to new ways of thinking, new coping skills and responding to substance abuse disorders, possible mental health issues while implementing behavior modifications for longevity. All individals will receive an official DRS with hours completed at the end of the program.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-
CBT is a 12-24 week program and focuses on identifying cognitive distortion, creating and maintaining new coping skills, problem solving skills, new decision making skills and improvement with substance abuse and mental health issues. All individuals will receive a certificate of completion for hours attended and completed. 
Stimulant Specific Program-
SSP is a 90 day program that focuses solely on substance abuse related to depression, criminal thinking, motivation and benefits of using, relapse preventions and referrals to medical staff for withdrawal symptoms while individuals are moving into recovery. The program covers motivational interviewing, contingency management, community reinforcements and forms of CBT. Individuals will receive a certificate for completing the program. 
Psych is an open duration of sessions. This program can be assessed after attending 6 weeks and possibly be successfully discharged if individuals appear to have the necessary skills and tools to understand & display accountability, responsibility, can abstain from substances for at least 30days while attending the program, appears remorseful and is working towards becoming a productive member of the community. Individuals will receive a certificate of completion.  
Relapse Prevention-
Relapse prevention is a 12-24 week course that provides individuals with the tools and knowledge of identifying triggers, cravings, attitudes and beliefs about substance abuse.  This program allows individuals to practice positive self-talk while implementing new people, places, environments and goals to focus on during treatment. Depending on substances used individiuals will be referred to medical staff for a safe and healthy recovery. Individuals will receive a certificate of completion.
Marijuana Abstinence Program-  ​​​​​​​
MAP is a 24-32 week course focusing on Marijuana Abstinence. This program provides individuals with CBT course, Relapse Prevention courses, attitude and beliefs of substance abuse. Individuals will also create and maintain a strong support system throughout the duratiomn of treatment that may participate in individuals treatment. Individuals will be provided a certificate of completion at the end of the program. 
Individual Substance Abuse Sessions-
One on One sessions are provided to individuals whom are experiencing extreme issues and may not be capable of attending group sessions. Other individuals that continuously provide positive UAs or are non-compliant with probation or treatment will be scheduled 4-6 weeks of individual sessions. Once individuals are deemed and found to be stable individuals will be returned to group and began moving forward in treatment. It may be possible for individuals to receive credit in other programs attending. 
Intensive Outpatient Program-
IOP is a 3 month program consisting of intensive outpatient treatment and is the highest level of treatment provided in outpatient setting. It requires up to 9 hours of treatment per week in which individuals must attend (3) 2 hour group sessions and (1) 1 hour individual session. Individuals treatment may change depending on treatment needs, treatment goals and treatment plan for the highest level of care provided. Individuals will receive an official DRS for hours and weeks completed.  
Enhanced Outpatient Program- 
EOP is a 6week to 3month program depending on probation requirements and treatment needs. Individuals attending EOP will be required to attend (2) 2 hour groups and (1) 1 hour individual session. Individuals will attend up to 6 hours of treatment per week and will focus on CBT, RP, Psych, and extensive knowledge of substance abuse disorders. Individuals will receive an official DRS for hours and weeks completed. 
Substance Abuse Evaluation- 
Mental Health Evaluation-
All evaluations are scheduled with 2 seperate appointments. Individuals will be required to complete various questionnaire's regarding scoring and diagnosis. Once this portion is completed Set Apart Treatment will schedule an hour and a half interview with individual in order to completed the final biopsychosocial interview. Set Apart Treatment will provide referring agency the individuals 7 page evaluation within 7 days from interview with diagnosis and recommedations to treatment programs. 

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