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Relapse prevention is recognized and acknowledged as an additional treatment service for IOP within Set Apart Treatment. Relapse prevention will consist of CBT, DBT, coping skills, support systems, behavior modification, and mental health and substance abuse concerns. Individuals will focus on eliminating self-destructive behaviors, prevention of relapse and/or lapses and replacing them with pro-social activities, coping skills and new learned decision making skills to reduce recidivism. This group will be conducted once a week for 2 hours. The counselor will review service plans and assessments for adjustments in intensifying individual treatment. Set Apart Treatment will utilize a formatted manual and evidence based curriculum which each client will receive a manual.


Clients who are struggling in group may be placed with a licensed therapist for one on one counseling for a duration of 12 weeks. After client appears to be stabilized the return to group will be discussed with referral source, counselor and client for further assistance.


CBT will be taught with an evidence based curriculum in aid of teaching individuals mental health concerns, distortion of decision making skills and coping skills and thinking errors. Individuals will focus on restructure of thinking patterns, identify thinking errors and learn how to cope through the process of change while utilizing positive self-talk.

Marijuana Abstinence Program- $25.00

Client's who are struggling with becoming abstinent from marijuana and are required by State law to complete a MAP class will focus on learning how to identify triggers, restructure thinking patterns with building a strong support system for prevention of high risk behaviors and learn how to implement a higher quality of life. This class will utilize an evidence based curriculum.