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DUI SERVICES - $20.00 a session

SET APART TREATMENT offers group sessions Monday through Saturday days, nights and weekends. Our facility functions along with the holidays of probationary and Judicial dates for holidays. Set Apart Treatment will be open all other calendar days unless specified by agency administration. We make available services to individuals engaged with the criminal justice system and  are required to undergo substance abuse treatment. With our DUI service Set Apart Treatment will provide individuals with Level I/II Education and if required or assessed at Level II Therapy. Individuals must complete Level I or Level II Education before entering Level II Therapy. At Set Apart Treatment counselors educate individuals on long term sobriety, building a foundation for the effects of substance abuse, coping skills and behavioral modifications in aid of greater self-improvements. Individuals will attend:


Level I- 6 Sessions = 12 hours

Level I- 3 (four) hour sessions $300.00 course

Level II- 12 Sessions = 24 hours


Track A- 21 sessions = 42 hours 

Track B - 26 sessions = 52 hours

Track C - 34 sessions = 68 hours

Track D - 43 sessions = 86 hours

When reinstating for Driver's Licenses it is Colorado State Law individuals must provide DMV with an SR-22 from insurance, Interlock information and Affidavit of Enrollment from treatment program. 

Interlock Service's:

Affidavit of Enrollment:

Individuals required to complete sanctions who have received charges in another State must register through Colorado Interstate Compact and be approved before registering. Please visit:


Interstate Compact Placement Analyst:

Rebecca Frazier 

745 Sherman St. Suite # 200

Denver, CO. 80203

(720) 941-7075 ext. 35