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Set Apart Treatment offers independent contractors the opportunity to improve their own quality of life, which will in turn provide a greater sense of productivity for clients receiving treatment. Set Apart Treatment will also provide promotional endeavors and present an overall achievement and progression for independent contractors as they grow within the counseling field. Supervision and monthly staffing will be available to all clinicians or administrative contractors. We are always looking for individuals to become part of our family of go-getters, motivated and willing to advice educationally and professionally. Set Apart Treatment provides a professional, increasingly progressive atmosphere and interested in contractors strengths and abilities.

If you are looking to advance in communication, education and professionalism you may be the right fit for a career in administration or case management. Set Apart Treatment's case manager's hold a Bachelors, Master's or licensure such as Counselor in Training (CIT), or CACI and are on their way to becoming fully licensed by the Department of Regulatory Agencies. 

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